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My name is Pierre and I'm one of those people who, in an age of mass information, instantaneity and uniformity of content, are creating the memories of a lifetime,

instantaneity and the standardisation of content is legion, let's create the memories of a lifetime.

Our mission is more than just a video, it's a family legacy, destined to survive the test of time and the passing of generations.

In these uncertain times, marriage is meant to be a suspended moment. Where we meet, share and come together in a spirit of unity and harmony.

And we're here to immortalise these moments.

It's a joy beyond words to see the pride in a father's eyes,

to see the tears in a mother's and to feel the thrill of loved ones saying words

that will only be said once in a lifetime.

That's our mission: to move people, to make them laugh, to make them cry.

My name is Pierre and I'm one of those people who, at a time when authenticity and passion must triumph, are the modern writers of our suspended moments, our loves and our memories.

Pierre Froger Films 
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